Return Trip to Korea

2ndPatch2IDA Return Trip June 26 through July 3

The upcoming Return Trip to Korea to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 2nd Infantry Divisions return to Korea, 12 years after the end of the Korean War. Travelers will depart their home town on Friday, June 26 to arrive in Seoul on Saturday, June 27. Travelers will depart Seoul on Friday, July 3 to arrive back home on Friday, July 3.

An itinerary is attached. It is not absolutely final but is very close to final. The substance of the trip is there. We will travel to Camp Humphreys to visit the future HQ of the 2ID. We will tour part of Seoul, visit the Korean War Museum and lay a wreath at the Monument to Post-Armistice Casualties at Yongsan Garrison. We will travel to the DMZ at Panmunjom and visit Tunnel # 3, passing many of the old camps on the western side where many of us served during our tour of duty. We will go to Camp Red Cloud for a visit to their Training Area as well as touring the 2ID museum. There will be an anniversary ceremony at CRC with an anniversary concert followed by an anniversary reception at the Commanding General’s Mess at CRC.

We will travel to the division area at Camps Casey and Hovey. We will attend a 1st Brigade Transfer of Authority and Color Casing Ceremony at Camp Casey. There will be an Anniversary celebration at the Iron Triangle Club and Camp Hovey. Then back for a Farewell Reception at the hotel.

List of important items:

1. Be sure you have a current passport.

2. You must send in your registration form along with a $450 deposit. The deposit is used to cover planning and implementation expenses incurred in preparing for the trip and the events during the trip.

3. Be sure to inform your medical insurance provider that you will be in Korea.

4. You will need to make your air travel arrangements from your home to Inchon International Airport near Seoul. If you need help in making the reservations, please e-mail for assistance. You will need to pay for your air fare on your own. 2IDA had expected contributions or donations to pay for all of our air fare. The donations did not materialize so we have to pay our own way. If we receive donations before or after the trip, we will share the donations among the travelers.

5. Hotel reservations will be made for you based on the information on your registration form and will be covered in the cost of the trip. Hotel rooms will be double occupancy. If you are traveling alone and wish to have a private room, please note that on your registration form and your room cost will double. Find a buddy and share a room.

6. Many of the breakfasts and dinners will be provided. Some lunches will be on your own.

7. Incidentals will be on your own.

8. Next steps:
• Send in your registration along with your check or credit card
• Make your airplane reservations
• Payment in full will be expected no later than April 24, 2015.
• If there are questions, please e-mail or

DOWNLOADS: Information and forms

1 PPT Front Page 20150327

3 Draft Itinerary 26 Mar 2015

4 2IDA 50th Reg Form 15MAR2015

PPT Front Page 20150327