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 We held our annual reunion at the Clarion Suites in Madison, WI July 10 – 11, 2015. And we had 34 attendees including Lee Schuff and wife Dar. Lee is a former Marine and landed with the first units that went to Korea in 1950, was wounded, recovered and sent back to battle. Chuck spoke a lot about the history of the 2 ID and the Marines serving together under GEN Lejeune in WW I. Lee is also the cousin of Suzanne Stadtmueller.

Friday was a fish fry at a local eatery in Sun Prairie, WI and was enjoyed by all!!! Saturday morning was a golf outing at Yahara Golf Club for the boys. Joan Groff’s back was not feeling good or she would have joined the boys for golf. Also on Saturday was a visit to the Capitol for an art fair and farmers market. Saturday’s dinner banquet was catered in and we had wonderful chicken breast w/gravy, beef tenderloin and all the mixed veggies one could want.

Officially, we decided to change our branch name to The Greater Midwest Branch. This was implemented as we now have members and officers in surrounding states; IL, MI, IA and IN. We also implemented the position of Social Director that will be an appointed position. Suzanne Stadtmueller has graciously offered to serve in this capacity as well as be our branch Chaplin! We sold $214.00 worth of merchandise out of the National Association store that Bob brought!

We are looking at Manitowoc, WI for next year’s reunion. It is right on Lake Michigan and a great place to visit!!! Fishing or golf next year folks? Y’all come on over and enjoy the camaraderie and brother hood.